This is Witherstorm here, with his entry for the Ellie's Chat Club Minecraft Building Contest hosted by the Wiki's founder, LudwigVonKoopa22.

The Liinch Uperane Redstone Laboratory

My build is titled the Liinch Uperane Redstone Laboratory.

I named it that particular name because it will soon (after the competition ends) become a Redstone Laboratory. Liinch Uperane is my actual name (it is not Witherstorm, if you still haven't guessed that by now), and that's why I called it the Liinch Uperane Redstone Laboratory.

It consists of...

The Liinch Uperane Redstone Laboratory consists of a set of stairs that leads to a redstone password locked door, which must be entered correctly in order to enter the building. Inside, there is a dark section with some covered Redstone technology to the right (don't care about that bit). If you go straight forward, there will be a Piston Door. Go through that and you'll find yourself in a nicely lit corridor. Go through that and enter the main biulding. There are three doors with nothing behind it. 

It's not finished, but it will be in around half-a-year.



Thank you for reading this lengthy blog post.

Your friend,WitherstormMy Page 19:51, March 20, 2016 (UTC)

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