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  • SuperLaserGuy1

    Lost World

    January 17, 2016 by SuperLaserGuy1

    Since we can post our own stories here, I decided to make my own. It's called, "Lost World."

    Lost World is about a boy named Jose who's trying to stop the evil acts of The Kamoni Empire, and their leader, Daisen.

    As Jose travels across different worlds, Jose befriends loads of people along the way

    This series is seperated by books and chapters. It will be released around February-March, 2016.

    BOOK 1: Will's Search


    Prologue Part 1: The Hunt                                                                              

    Prologue Part 2: Ghosts of Dinner                                    

    Prologue Part 3: A Shady Deal

    Chapter 1: No Mercy

    BOOK 2: The Diamond Lion

    Chapter 2: Lion's Jungle

    Chapter 3: Island of Doom

    Chapter 4: The Rebel…

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  • SuperLaserGuy1


    January 13, 2016 by SuperLaserGuy1

    Welcome to Ellie's Chat Club!!! It's our first time doing something like this.

    If you want to see the rules, go to the Rules and Regulations page.

    We are happy to have more people contributing. If you want to suggest anything, don't be afraid to do so.

    We would love to have more Authors working together, and make this wiki or chat a great story.

    Go see the crew, and stop by anytime.

    We will see you when you register, and greet you properly.

    We will try our best to keep this club up and running.

    I will be inactive for 4 days, and then be active for 3 days, and then inactive and, etc.

    I will only be active during the weekends, unless it's a break for me, in which case, I'll let you know.

    So enroll today! :D

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