Hello everyone. Due to my ban on MCSM Wiki I am posting my review of the game here as it is the next best thing.

I didn't realize this at first, but this game is what we call a freemium game. Their focus go like this in order from smallest to biggest: A good game, making money.

Episode 1 being awful can be chalked up to it introducing the new characters and everything, so I won't go too harsh on it.

Why does everybody hate episode 2? It has eveything a Telltale episode should have: Not a long wait, choices that actually matter, and a good plot and an overall fun episode. In my opinion, it was the best and possibly only good episode of the game.

Episode 3. Oh my god, I hated this episode. It was just really boring, everything that happened was predictable, and ex-machina galore. We basically played the latter half of episode 2 and episode 3 for nothing. The Formidi-Bomb failed (also predictable).

Episode 4. THANK YOU. YOU KILLED THE MOST OVERRATED CHARACTER IN THE HISTORY OF CHARACTERS! Apart from that, the episode was so boring. Only the first 5 minutes were good (again, except Reuben dying). The maze was so boring I was starting to regret buying the thing. And the ending was more predictable than the Formidi-bomb failing.

Episode 5. No. Just no. Please leave. This episode starts the chain of the antagonists being poorly written and the new characters being actual retards. Aiden was all like "DAT SHUDVE BEEN MINE WAAAA" even though he didn't do anything to remotely come close to achieving the F&S other than finding the temple. Also Isa arrests Jesse for building even though it was out of Sky City's border and he didn't even use its resources.

Episode 6. For a starter, every single choice you make leads to the same thing. Cassie again is also an idiot. She could've just asked the YouTubers for help. Oh god the YouTubers. Are Telltale really this desperate?

Episode 7. It was a little better, but still terrible. The fact that PAMA needs the Flint and Steel isn't the problem. This is MINECRAFT. Why are you adding all these retarded features?

Episode 8. THIS was the worst one. First of all, how is making players spending eternity in the quartz mines a punishment in Minecraft? Also, can't they just mine the portal and rebuild it elsewhere? We've already established that you don't need a pickaxe to mine it. You could say they can't light it, but you can find chests with F&S in Nether Forts. Also, thanks for writing out the best characters.

I play the game on mobile and, as of episode 4, I am no longer purchasing the episodes.

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