I'm going to be starting a discussion. We're discussing MCSM once again. This time I'm going to start off with some recent events.

A certain user who I will keep anonymous has been prohibiting me from expressing my opinion on MCSM in a Discord server MEANT for discussing TTG games. Why is this fair? Simple. It isn't. You're allowed to praise MCSM, therefore I should be allowed to express my opinion.

[The majority of] Minecraft: Story Mode fans CANNOT handle opinions. They get cheesed out of their mind whenever someone says something bad aboyut MCSM.

Personally, I love South Park. I'm cool whenever someone says they don't like it. I dislike Family Guy, but I'm cool whenever someone says they like it.

Yet the MCSM fanbase seems to get pissed at me whenever I state my opinion on it. Why? Because they're clearly younger than 13 (at least most of them)

This is leaving a negative imprint on Telltale's company. Ever since MCSM released, Telltale's other games, even MORE POPULAR ONES, are taking months or even YEARS to release while MCSM takes a month at most.

So that's why I ask the question: Is MCSM destroying Telltale?

Ever since the news of TWD getting cancelled and TWAU S2 literally taking FOUR YEARS to release, many people (myself included) are giving up on Telltale.

TWD once took up 98% of Telltale's fanbase and STILL make up most of it. They've never had special treatment. TWD got delayed THREE TIMES because Telltale were too busy with MCSM. It took almost 3 years to release.

MCSM fans will do ANYTHING to protect their games. I've seen people claim its Telltale's most popular game as a point to defend it. It is NOT for numerous reasons:

  • MCSM didn't sell 80 million+ copies (TWD did)
  • MCSM didn't get critical acclaim (most major critics gave it average at most)
  • MCSM hasn't won 100 Game of the Year awards
  • Most Telltale fans aren't 11.

If TWD, TWAU, and many other games are getting delayed by MCSM, them a LOT of Telltale's customers are going to bail. So you know what Telltale will do? They'll make 5 more seasons if MCSM. Telltale is literally poisoning itself by making MCSM.

7 seasons of MCSM will be bad for numerous reasons:

  • It will get stale (it already has tbh)
  • Most people will get bored of this one game and leave, causing Telltale to lose even more customers
  • The sales for MCSM are actually decreasing.

If you have any more points or counterpoints, state them in the comments below.

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