I feel so alive right now. This literally just happened to me.

About 90 minutes ago, I was playing with my sister and her two friends (We'll just call them Sarah, Ella, and Liv for privacy reasons) in the park, when we saw some teens smoking e-cigarettes in front of 9 year olds. In the UK you have to be 18 to smoke but we didn't report them. After a while, we got into an argument, and I threatened to report them for underage smoking. The oldest kid then stopped bullying her and her friends and walked towards me and said he was gonna beat the **** out of me. Luckily, a minute earlier I called my dad to pick us up. He came the moment my sister and her friends started crying and the kid was about to smash my face in and literally started yelling profanities at him and was chasing him down the park like a madman. I was surprised that I had remained calm the entire time (excluding my outburst of enthusiasm that was brought when my dad appeared). I jumped on the bench and put on You're The Best Around and made a happy face.

I went home and phoned my mom about it. I found out that my dad started chasing the kid in his car and the kid ran into some "random" guy's house (seems suspicious how he just chose that house) and my dad told him what the kid did. My dad came home and I got some lemon soda from the store.


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