Hello everyone. Gerald-XR-Donovan here, deputy owner and co-writer of the Minecraftia series, the latter we'll discuss in this blog. I will be addressing some things about the series that Ludwig has asked me to post.

Main Characters Becoming Background Characters

The biggest problem I think is that the characters are getting less development (besides Gerald in LATRATG, we learned tons about him) but characters such as Stan's Group, Axel, Magnus, Ellie, Hellcraftia, heck even Witherstorm at this point. Most of these characters are barely in them. The truth is we want to shorten the cast for each book because we have too many characters to work with, one of the main reasons why books such as Ludwig and the Final Battle, Ludwig and the World of Hellcraftia and Ludwig and the Redstoner and the Griefer are huge bloodbaths. We have over twenty characters to develop and form some kind of personality with rather than being just a background character who does nothing. I've suggested that we make the books longer to have more time for other characters, and that will be the second problem. However I think it's doing a bit better ad SLG1 has gotten more lines and Axel will play a bigger role in LATNN.

The Books Are Getting Shorter

You may have noticed that the books are getting shorter. The truth is we don't really have a lot of time. We could just make the wait longer but once-twice a month sounds ideal and making users wait really long for each one just isn't right. Although LATSF, the final book, will have a much longer wait due to it being 45 chapters long.

If you have any more queries that you want addressing, then don't be shy, say in the comments.

For now,

Gerald-XR-Donovan (talk) 10:41, May 7, 2017 (UTC)

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