Simple. decide with 8 are wrong.

1. My full name is Gerald Stuart Randy Donovan

2. I'm 14 years old

3. I hate bacon.

4. I own an Xbox 360

5. My PS4 is broke so I only use it to charge my phone

6. I need glasses

7. My favorite South Park character is Randy Marsh

8. My favorite music artist is Demi Lovato

9. I have really long hair

10. I'm allergic to nuts

11. I don't celebrate Christmas and Easter.

12. I eat cereal without milk

13. I like my toast burnt

14. My favorite fast food restaurant is KFC

15. I'm Anti-Social

16. I'm a satirist

17. I'm a nihilist

18. I don't like Regular Show

19. I want my first son to be called Butters

20. My IQ is 162

21. I like roleplaying

22. I don't like MCSM

23. South Park Stick of Truth is my favorite game

24. I hold the world record on Subway Surfers

25. I believe in the paranormal


1. I'm an uncle

2. I like eating popsicles on toast

3. I sleep on a couch.

4. I own a cat

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