You're probably wondering what this blog is about. And it's because Telltale fucking Games are a bunch of fucking pricks.

I mean, what a greedy company to do this shit to people. You take 10 months to release a sequel to a shit game that has no purpose other than little kids spending all their allowance on their shit products. Then it takes them 3 years to release a GOOD game and a master piece of a game hasn't had a Season 2 announced after nearly FOUR FUCKING YEARS.

MCSM getting a Season 2 before Games of Thrones, Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlines has flushed most of my support for Telltale down the fucking toilet.

Not only that, but MCSM was half dogshit and half trash. Sure it was longer and had more free roam areas, BUT THE ONLY GOOD SEASON 1 CHARACTERS DISAPPEARED.

Then they threw random cliché horseshit at you that they've already done, such as Stella basically being Aiden 2.0.

If MCSM gets a Season 4 before TWD I'm actually never touching a Telltale product again. No more games, no more business, deals, NOTHING.


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