aka Gerald Donovan

Ellie's protege Sysop
  • I live in A house
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is Botanist
  • I am Male
  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Hello everyone. Due to my ban on MCSM Wiki I am posting my review of the game here as it is the next best thing.

    I didn't realize this at first, but this game is what we call a freemium game. Their focus go like this in order from smallest to biggest: A good game, making money.

    Episode 1 being awful can be chalked up to it introducing the new characters and everything, so I won't go too harsh on it.

    Why does everybody hate episode 2? It has eveything a Telltale episode should have: Not a long wait, choices that actually matter, and a good plot and an overall fun episode. In my opinion, it was the best and possibly only good episode of the game.

    Episode 3. Oh my god, I hated this episode. It was just really boring, everything that happened was …

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Hello everyone. Gerald-XR-Donovan here, deputy owner and co-writer of the Minecraftia series, the latter we'll discuss in this blog. I will be addressing some things about the series that Ludwig has asked me to post.

    The biggest problem I think is that the characters are getting less development (besides Gerald in LATRATG, we learned tons about him) but characters such as Stan's Group, Axel, Magnus, Ellie, Hellcraftia, heck even Witherstorm at this point. Most of these characters are barely in them. The truth is we want to shorten the cast for each book because we have too many characters to work with, one of the main reasons why books such as Ludwig and the Final Battle, Ludwig and the World of Hellcraftia and Ludwig and the Redstoner and …

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Hello everybody. Throughout the next four weeks I may not edit much. A family friend recently died of cancer and their funeral is soon, so on that day I might not even edit at all. Also straight after I'm going on a two week vacation to Tenerife in Spain.

    On the bright side, Emily Wants To Play + Oculus Rift VR headset = Bday present ;)

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    I feel so alive right now. This literally just happened to me.

    About 90 minutes ago, I was playing with my sister and her two friends (We'll just call them Sarah, Ella, and Liv for privacy reasons) in the park, when we saw some teens smoking e-cigarettes in front of 9 year olds. In the UK you have to be 18 to smoke but we didn't report them. After a while, we got into an argument, and I threatened to report them for underage smoking. The oldest kid then stopped bullying her and her friends and walked towards me and said he was gonna beat the **** out of me. Luckily, a minute earlier I called my dad to pick us up. He came the moment my sister and her friends started crying and the kid was about to smash my face in and literally started yelli…

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Simple. decide with 8 are wrong.

    1. My full name is Gerald Stuart Randy Donovan

    2. I'm 14 years old

    3. I hate bacon.

    4. I own an Xbox 360

    5. My PS4 is broke so I only use it to charge my phone

    6. I need glasses

    7. My favorite South Park character is Randy Marsh

    8. My favorite music artist is Demi Lovato

    9. I have really long hair

    10. I'm allergic to nuts

    11. I don't celebrate Christmas and Easter.

    12. I eat cereal without milk

    13. I like my toast burnt

    14. My favorite fast food restaurant is KFC

    15. I'm Anti-Social

    16. I'm a satirist

    17. I'm a nihilist

    18. I don't like Regular Show

    19. I want my first son to be called Butters

    20. My IQ is 162

    21. I like roleplaying

    22. I don't like MCSM

    23. South Park Stick of Truth is my favorite game

    24. I hold the world record…

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