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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Gerald: Sup?

    Jimbob: Trying to write an essay. On the Minecraftia Series.

    Gerald: The Minecraftia Series?

    Jimbob: You think you can help me?

    Gerald and Von: WITH A SONG!

    • cuts to backyard of Army Motel*




    Gerald: Well it started out with the group of Thibo, Storm, and Luddy.

    Von: Travelling through the land all the three buddies.

    Gerald: Thibo short-tempered and Witherstorm liked to eat.

    Von: Luddy and the others; more people they meet.

    Gerald: And for them as a whole, they didn't work quite slow.

    Von: Met Alex and Laser and now they all are best bros.

    Gerald: Meeting more peeps and moving place to place.

    Von: But when Ravenclaw comes they need to pick up pace.

    Ludwig: WE N…

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    I'm going to be starting a discussion. We're discussing MCSM once again. This time I'm going to start off with some recent events.

    A certain user who I will keep anonymous has been prohibiting me from expressing my opinion on MCSM in a Discord server MEANT for discussing TTG games. Why is this fair? Simple. It isn't. You're allowed to praise MCSM, therefore I should be allowed to express my opinion.

    [The majority of] Minecraft: Story Mode fans CANNOT handle opinions. They get cheesed out of their mind whenever someone says something bad aboyut MCSM.

    Personally, I love South Park. I'm cool whenever someone says they don't like it. I dislike Family Guy, but I'm cool whenever someone says they like it.

    Yet the MCSM fanbase seems to get pissed at …

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan


    July 29, 2017 by Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Officially 13 years old.

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Telltale have officially dug themselves a hole they can't get out of.

    The good news is The Wolf Among Us Season 2 has finally been confirmed after 3 years.

    The bad news is that TWD Season 4 and TWAU Season 2 will be the last Telltale games I ever purchase.

    You fucking twats. The Walking Dead was the only reason I still gave Telltale my business. With TWD Season 4 being the last one I can finally say that 2018 will mark the final Telltale purchase I make.

    If TWAU gets a Season 3 (one day in 2021) then I may return just to purchase that. But now I think it's safe to say that I will no longer be giving Telltale my business.

    Fucking pricks.

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    You're probably wondering what this blog is about. And it's because Telltale fucking Games are a bunch of fucking pricks.

    I mean, what a greedy company to do this shit to people. You take 10 months to release a sequel to a shit game that has no purpose other than little kids spending all their allowance on their shit products. Then it takes them 3 years to release a GOOD game and a master piece of a game hasn't had a Season 2 announced after nearly FOUR FUCKING YEARS.

    MCSM getting a Season 2 before Games of Thrones, Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlines has flushed most of my support for Telltale down the fucking toilet.

    Not only that, but MCSM was half dogshit and half trash. Sure it was longer and had more free roam areas, BUT THE ON…

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