So, anyone is allowed to create a project/fiction solo, so I am. It's called "Ludwig's Adventure". If you wanna be featured feel free to ask.


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Inhaled

Chapter 3 - The First Adventure

Chapter 4 - The Meeting Point

Chapter 5 - The Second Adventure

Chapter 6 - The Secret

Chapter 7 - The End?

Chapter 8 - Search Deep Within

Chapter 9 - The Third Adventure

Chapter 10 - Destroy It

Chapter 11 - More Secrets?

Chapter 12 - The Fourth Adventure?

Chapter 13 - The End

Chapter 14 - Epilogue

Chapters will be altered if needed.

I hope you enjoy the blog series. I want it to be awesome with a lot of action.


  • Ludwig

Release: January - February 2016

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