You may have already heard about the build, so I decided to make a progress log so you can get a hint at how long it's gonna take.

January 22nd, 2016

Whoa, I am a speedy builder. As you may know, this is the hole that Jesse enters to get into the belly of the beast, so I've got this part finished (those blocks are Netherrack, and the layer at the front is Lapis Lazuli Block and Glass.


January 23rd, 2016

As promised, here is update 1 of 3 for today. As you can see, I've started making the outside and the inside has been extended. Progress is being made!


Here's update 2 of 3 for today. Pretty self explanatory, I've just extended the insides and started a border around the hole.


Update 3 of 3 for today. However I definitely won't stop BUILDING it today. As you can see, the hole you enter is finished! All that's left is the main insides with the Command Block, then I'm halfway done!


January 24th, 2016

Wow! The first head is... done?! So yeah, I've done a LOT of stuff since the last update. I've almost finished the stomach area, added more holes, and I'm halfway done with the inside!


January 25th, 2016

WHAT?! The inside is... finished?! THAT'S OUTSTANDING! So yea I'm gonna start on the outside.


January 27th, 2016

WHOA! So yeah, sorry for not making an update yesterday. But as you can see, it's REALLY starting to look like the Wither Storm now!


January 31st, 2016

No. It isn't done. The front of it is done, but I need to paste it onto the back of it. Well I'm on 2%. Gotta go!


February 9th, 2016

I know it's been ages since the last update, but I got bored and made the smaller ones. No, it's not finished, the main one still needs some final touches.


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