This is something we have never done before. We will release Chapter 1 of the new Minecraftia Series in this blog as a little taste of what it will be like!

Chapter 1: The Posters

It had been 5 months since we escaped the Nether.

"That was crazy what you did back there, Ger Ger," I said to Gerald.

"You're a real charmer. You know that?" asked Gerald.

"That's some nice armor," I replied.

Gerald look shocked by my reply.

"Oh... um, uh... thanks... uh... It definitely... um... works," replied Gerald.

Witherstorm walked over.

"There's, like, 50 posters outside," he said.

We all walked outside to see advertisement fliers everywhere. "MINECRAFTIA BUILDING CONTEST" was printed on all of them.

"I've been planning a good build for a while now," Gerald told everyone.


"There are only five people per team," said Stan.

"Petra, Gerald, Witherstorm, SuperLaserGuy1, and Jude," I stated.

"Maybe next time," replied Jimbob.

"I'll show you guys my build idea," stated Gerald.

"Wait. There are some guidelines," I replied.

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