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Uniception 2: The Startling is a book being written by Gerald-XR-Donovan. It will be published in 5778.


Gerald is startled when portals appear around the country. He discovers that the fabric of time is being erased.


Major Characters

Supporting Characters

Guest Characters




  • The title of this book is a reference to the South Park episode, Pandemic 2: The Startling.
  • All main characters have slightly altered designs.
    • Gerald's shirt color has changed from cyan to turquoise, and his outline is thinner.
    • Randy's clothes are slightly more ragged to show that he isn't really wealthy, and dirt has been added to his face.
    • The curls on Kyle's hair are now dark red as oppose to black.
    • Kenney's shirt is now more similar to Gerald's.
    • The engravements in Von Miller's hair are now a darker color of strawberry blonde as oppose to black.

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