Undertale X is a story being written by Juderonald. Like the rest of Juderonald's books, it is being released in chapters and the user hopes for it to be released completely in 2017 - 2018.


It's a dark night. A human decides to climb the legendary Mount Ebbot. But, people say that "Those who climb Mount Ebbot never return...". This human didn't care. This human accepted what could happen. This human...

Was determined.



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Main Characters

Listed in order of appearance.


Chapter 1: Your Best Friend

Frisk walked up the mountain. He didn't look back. He had one goal - to reach the top without vanishing forever. He had planned this trip for months, with hundreds of landscape view missions. He was determined to get to the top. When he had gotten about three quarters of the way up, he found a big hole. He attempted to avoid it, but he tripped on a vine that looked rather worn, as if others had tripped on it before. He fell down, and down...and down.


"Is this heaven?" Frisk thought. But then he realised that it couldn't be heaven, it was dark, too dark. There was a small corridor and a door up ahead, and then he looked up, and saw a massive hole. For a second he thought some spirit just appeared behind him, but it was nothing. Frisk stood up and walked through the corridor, opened the door and came into a room with a yellow, talking flower. Behind the flower was a purple area, but it was clear the flower wanted to talk.

"Howdy! I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower!" it said.

"What?" Frisk asked.

"Hmmm..." Flowey mumbled. It seemed to have ignore him.

"What's going on?" the Frisk asked, with a little more firmity in their voice.

"You're new to the UNDERGROUND, aren' tcha?" Flowey asked. The child stared. "Golly, you must be so confused." "Someone ought to teach you how things work around here!" Flowey laughed.

"O.K." the child said.

"I guess little old me will have to do." it said.

"Ready?" Flowey asked

."Not rea--" Frisk begun.

"Here we go!" Flowey said in excitement. But Frisk did not respond. Suddenly, he felt as if he was in a small box, and if he was a small heart. "You are now a heart!" Flowey squealed. "You are now a heart!" Flowey squealed.

"WHAT?!" Frisk shouted out. But yet again, Flowey ignored him.

"The heart is your SOUL, the very culmination of your being!" Flowey said. Frisk, now the heart, began to move around in the box. When he reached the edges, he couldn't move past it.

"Your SOUL starts off weak, but can grow strong if you gain alot of LV." Flowey told Frisk.

"Oh here we go." Frisk moaned.

"What's LV. stand for? Why, LOVE of course!" Flowey shouted in glee. Frisk sighed.

"Can I go now?" Frisk asked. But it was as if Flowey wasn't listening.


"You want some LOVE, don't you?"

"Sure, if I can go afterwards."

"Don't worry, I'll share some with you!" Then Flowey stuck it's tongue out and closed it's left eye. Then Flowey made some little petals fly above it. "Down here, LOVE is shared through..."

"Through what?" Frisk asked.

"Little white...'friendless pellets.' "

"Are you being sarcastic?" Frisk asked. But, ignored again.

"Go on! Move around! Get as many as you can!" Frisk dodged each and every one of them. "Hey buddy, you missed them. Let's try again, okay?" Then, he let them hit him. He felt a bursting pain and was knocked to the bottom of the box with barely any strength.

"You IDIOT." Flowey laughed.

"What!?" Frisk screamed.

"In this world, it's kill or BE killed."


"Why would ANYBODY pass up an opportunity like this!?

"I don't know, maybe they would be nice." Frisk said under his breath.

"Die." Flowey said. Then, Frisk was covered in a wreath of white pellets, coming closer and closer towards him, and then it touched him. But, he didn't die. No. He felt at the strength he was when he found the flower first. It looked so surprised. Then, a massive fireball hit the flower, and it blasted away. He then saw, from behind it, a big, sentient, 2 leg goat-like figure, stepping out of the darkness...

Chapter 2: Fallen Down

It came forward. It looked quite shocked at how this flower creature had attacked Frisk, and shocked at how Frisk had survived so easily.

"What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth..." it begun.

"Yeah, it was a poor creature, but it barely touched me." Frisk did not like this goat. It seemed over-protective.

"Oh, okay. I am TORIEL, caretaker of the RUINS." Toriel said.

"How do you do? I do good." Frisk said.

"I do good too. You know, I pass through this place every day to see if anyone has fallen down."

"Listen to what she has to say, stop trying to leave. She wants to help you." a voice muttered in Frisk's head. After this strange advice, Frisk stayed silent.

"You are the first human to come here in a long time." she said, "Come! I will guide you through the catacombs." She then walked off after saying "This way." but it was rather obvious where she was going. Frisk then walked into a room with two staircases, a platform and a door. In Frisk's head, he individually thought 'Weird...', but a voice said.

"I used to reside here."

"Oh, sorry." Frisk thought. Then an insane thought rushed over his mind. Was he a monster in his past life and the monster's soul had lived in his body to tell him this?

"No." the voice said firmly.

"Come on, my child!" Toriel called as she walked through a door. Inside the room was 6 buttons, would he have to pick the right ones? "Welcome to your new home, innocent one." she said politely.

"No. I don't live here. I'm leaving, I'm going home. Open the door and let me out." Frisk demanded.

"Hmph." Toriel shrugged. She stepped on 4 buttons. The door was still closed, but to Frisk's surprise, she pulled a lever on the wall and the door opened.

"Nice..." Frisk said. He was already preparing to run past this 'Toriel' figure and leave. But the voice told him not to.

"Stop. Be kind to this person, she only wants to HELP you. Yes, HELP you." it said.

"Fine, be that way. I don't like this place, but I will, considering the fact that you're just my head and my head knows best." Frisk thought.

"You seem deep in thought, little one. What are you thinking about?" Toriel asked almost rudely.

"Butterscotch pie," Frisk said at once, "it's delicious."

"Oh, how convenient for me! I was debating whether to make Butterscotch or Cinnamon Pie, actually." Toriel smirked.

"Nice one." Toriel then walked through the open door. Inside, there was a small bridge over water.

"To make progress here, you must activate certain switches. I have labelled the ones you must switch." There were 3 switches, and two were labelled. Frisk, still wanting to disobey Toriel, went to flick the 3rd switch, but he didn't for some reason -- it was like he had no control...

"Splendid! I am proud of you, little one. Let us move on to the next room." Toriel smiled. She walked into another room, and there was a dummy in this.

"I got this." Frisk said, walked over to the dummy, got out his stick and---

"No! No! Strike up a friendly conversation! Stall for time, I will resolve the conflict." Toriel argued. Frisk lowered his stick, actually listening to Toriel for once, and said to the dummy:

"So, erm, doing good?"

"..." The Dummy didn't seem much for conversation. But, Toriel seemed proud of Frisk.

"Ah! Very good, you are very good." Toriel said. She led Frisk to the next area.


"There is another puzzle in this room...I wonder if you can solve it?" she asked, as she walked off. Frisk walked after her, but then a weird frog like creature jumped at him, and Frisk jumped backwards. The little voice said to him:

"Stay determined..." and so Frisk said:

"You look nice today, Mr. Frog."

"Froggit didn't understand what you said, but was flattered anyway." Toriel then walked over to Froggit, stared at it, and it meekly walked away. Frisk progressed, ignoring the handy sign on the wall that said something about the eastern and western room. Toriel had suddenly stopped, there were many, many spikes. She turned around to look at Frisk.

"There's obviously a correct path, what could it be?" Frisk said.

"Very clever, but I think it'd be too dangerous for you to try and figure it out. Take my hand." Frisk reluctantly took her hand, and she walked over the spikes as some vanished. When she reached the end, there was a long corridor.

"You have done excellently thus far, my child. However, I have a difficult request to ask of you..." Toriel sighed.

"What is it?" Frisk asked politely. He seemed to have a change of heart to this woman.

"I would like you to walk to the end of the room by yourself. Forgive me for this." She then sped off, and Frisk could only see a purple and white spot in the distance.

"Unnecessary tension, hmm?" the voice said. Frisk didn't respond. Eventually he reached a pillar, went to look at it, and Toriel popped out.

"Do not worry my child," Toriel said. "I was merely behind this pillar the whole time. Thank you for trusting me."

Frisk coughed.

"However, there was an important reason for this exercise... test your independence. I must attend to some business, and you must stay alone for a while. Please remain here. It's dangerous to explore by yourself." Toriel commanded like Frisk never coughed.

Frisk coughed louder.

"I have an idea," she continued "I will give you a cell phone. If you have a need for anything--" Toriel begun.

"Just call? Alright." Frisk finished.

"Thank you. Be good, alright?" Toriel left before Frisk could respond.

Chapter 3: Ruins

Chapter 4: Home

Chapter 5: Heartache

Chapter 6: Nyeh Heh Heh!

Chapter 7: Bonetrousle

Chapter 8: Waterfall

Chapter 9: Dummy!

Chapter 10: Spear of Justice

Chapter 11: Alphys

Chapter 12: Metal Crusher

Chapter 13: Death by Glamour

Chapter 14: New Home

Chapter 15: ASGORE

Chapter 16: Your Worst Nightmare

Chapter 17: Defense: 0

Chapter 18: With Papyrus

Chapter 19: With Undyne

Chapter 20: With Alphys

Chapter 21: Amalgam

Chapter 22: Asriel Dreemurr

Chapter 23: Barrier Broken



LV 1

HP 20/20

AT 0

DF 0







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