Jimbob: Hello! Are you enjoying the Minecraftia series? That's fantastic! Did you know we're starting a weekly Truth or Dare? Come and dare your favorite Minecraftians or embarass them with TRUTH!

Jimbob: So, Ellie, if you're really good at inventing, I dare you to make me an ice cream!

[Ellie starts to put random things together and makes... A popsicle...


Axel: Petra, truth or dare?

Petra: Truth!

Axel: Is Jimbob whack?

Jimbob: Screw you bumface!

Petra: Yeah. Pretty whack.

Nathan: Ludwig! Truth or dare?!

Ludwig: Dare.

Nathan: I dare you to lick my... Uh... Lick my favorite bush!

Ludwig: Uhhh... [licks a random bush]

Jimbob: That's all for now so HAVE A GOOD ONE!

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