Tom is an original character and NPC in Elliot's Back: The Video Game.

Death (determinant)

Act One

Killed By

While running away from the attack, Tom can be shot by Vince.

Act Two

Killed By

  • Randy (accidental, determinant)

While saving Gerald, it is possible for Randy to accidentally run Tom over.

Act Three

Killed By

While defending Gerald, Tom can get his guts blown out.

Act Four

Killed By

  • Drowning (determinant)

When running around the lake, William can push Tom in. If Gerald fails to pull him out, Tom will drown.

Act Five

Killed By

  • Elliot (if still alive, determinant)

If Elliot was spared by Gerald in Act Two and three, he will shoot Tom. This is the second death in the series that can be prevented by a previous choice.


  • He is the only character who can continuously be determinant throughout the course of the game. He can become determinant eight times, making him Octuple Determinant.

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