This is a full transcript of The Adventures of Papyrus and the Royal Guard!.


Papyrus is tending to the Royal Garden, he walks over to a bush, takes out his cutters, but the bush backs away

Papyrus: Huh?

Papyrus tries to cut again, this time, the bush runs away.


Papyrus is chasing the bush through the royal garden, he trips over a stone.

Papyrus: OW! MY FACE!

The bush walks over to Papyrus, he helps him get up.

Papyrus: Thanks. Wait a minute... YOU! I'M GONNA GET YOU NOW!

Papyrus grabs for the bush, but the bush dodges.

Papyrus: OH NO! You are NOT running away this time!

They enter the castle, and they do a classic door chase.

Papyrus: Wait, why do these doors all connect to eachother?!

The bush puts his shoulders up.

Papyrus: Alright, were was I? Oh yeah! CAPTURING YOU!

Papyrus chases him back outside, and then they chase eachother in circles, the screen pans out.


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