Swarmed is a song written by Juderonald.

It was released on the 11th of April, 2016.


Verse 1

You got me surrounded.


But I ain't leavin' yet.


Not going down without a fight!

(Zombies growl)


Swarmed by Zombies

(Oh no!)

But theres a fight to be won here

(Oh yeah!)

So I'll finish these ones

(He will!)

Then hit the rest.

Verse 2

Being Swarmed ain't fun

But I can put up a fight

These Zombies aren't the only ones

Who can create a long fight

(Zombies growl in anger)

So keep your hands out

Get ready to fall


Verse 3

Less space by the minute

Brains might go flyin'

But as I said

I ain't goin' down without a bit of swingin'


Verse 4

It seems I'm swarmed by them.

I have no chance.

But I kept swinging and swinging.

To protect it all.

I might be alone.

Doin' what they do.

But one thing I know

Is that I put up a fight.




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