Story for Hope is a Protectors Series book written by Juderonald. It is currently the final book in the Protectors Series.


After Infinity had been destroyed, and The Universe Bomb had been released, destroying the Universe overall, Jacob finds himself in a strange place...



  • Jacob


  • Unknown


Chapter 1: And So It Has Happened


Chapter 1:

And so it has happened. The bomb has exploded. The greatest hero in the universe, Jacob, has been taken down. But, as it is said by many - "I don't go down so easily!".

And that is very true.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! CAN I OPEN MY EYES NOW?!!?" Jacob screamed.

"Hang on. I'm not dead." Jacob noticed, then opened his eyes.

"I'm gonna cele---WOAAHHH!!! What is this place?!" Jacob gasped. He was in the oddest place ever. Filled with thousands of diamond pyramids, and massive cities.

"It's almost like Infinity!" Jacob thought. Then, a small little robot came up to him.

"Mummy, a human! They are real!" the little robot screamed. His mother came over to him and screamed herself. They were scared but excited.

"Hi!" Jacob said quickly without hesitation.

Special Quote

"I did NOT think it would come to this!"


  • This is the only known story in the ECC that has a special preview.

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