Soren the Architect is one of the five main protagonists in The Order of the Stone. He is 35, and he lives in Stonefield, a small village close to the capital of Overworld. He is the best builder in the world, already winning the EnderCon Building Contests since he was 12 years old. He is the leader of The Order of the Stone.


He has ginger hair and white armor. Occasionally he wears a grey hat.


When Soren was 11 years old, he and his parents moved to Overworld. On his first day of school, many kids made fun of him, except for 4 kids, he found out they loved LARPing as much as he did, they've been best friends ever since. When he was 12, he was allowed to compete in the EnderCon Building Contest, he always dreamt of becoming an architect, so this was a great day for him, eventually, he won the contest, and he's been winning the EnderCon Building Contests ever since. Now he's 35, and his parents have passed away, he doesn't have a big connection with the rest of the group anymore, because they all live in different cities in Overworld. An anonymous person sends him, and the rest of the group a letter, to come to the annual EnderCon event, they meet up at the event, but when Oxion attacks, they flee the event, and they decide to come back together, and become actual superheroes this time.


Soren appeared to be an eccentric, and a complete genius in his first few appearances. He was not above putting himself in danger to conduct his research, and spoke of a desire to be anything other than Soren the architect. He is quite the egomaniac, a trait which often comes with being a genius with a high IQ, which Soren undoubtedly has. He is the discoverer of the Command Block, and grew a dependence on it after realizing what it could do.

Powers & Abilities

  • He has a high IQ
  • He's the best builder in the entire world



  • He is the oldest member of the Order, being 1 year older than Ivor, 3 years older than Gabriel, and 4 years older than Ellegaard and Magnus.