Season One is the first season of Gerald & Gang Adventures and it will contain 52 episodes.


1. Religious Cult Dance

Synopsis: Gerald discovers a cool dance that accidentally sends Kenney to the sun.

2. Pee Pee Suck

Synopsis: Butters shows his dirty mind while naming his pet

3. The Bad Guy

Synopsis: An old foe of Gerald's returns.

4. The End For One

Synopsis: Concluding last episode, Gerald must finish off Elliot.

5. Stanley

Synopsis: Randy is jealous of Gerald's brother.

6. Trapped In The Closet

Synopsis: Kyle gets trapped in the closet

7. Go Broncos

Synopsis: Randy discovers that he accidentally killed Lukas Von Miller's dad, Von Miller.

8. School Sucks

Synopsis: Butters fails all of his tests.

9. Princess Jerry

An online app causes Gerald to undergo a sex change and become princess of Canada.

10. Princess Jerry Korosu

Jerry realizes that being princess of Canada is not a good idea.

11. The Great Ontario Flood

Gerald and his friends become bound to the kitchen table after their home becomes flooded.

12. The Great Canada Flood

The flood in Ontario breaks the dam created to stop the flood from spreading.

13. Something Kenney This Way Comes

Kenney is acting strange.

14. The Joker

Someone is poking fun of Gerald and his friends online.

15. Beefcake

Randy wants to become fit.

16. Little Lovers

Randy has a crush on the waitress at the coffee store.

17. Gerald Dash

Gerald, Randy, Kyle and Kenney are sucked into Butters' computer and are in a strange jumping game.

18. The Order of the Gerald

Still searching for a way out, the trio are stuck in a spinoff of a block game.

19. Gerald Required

Will finding the engineer allow Gerald to go home?

20. Magic Words

Randy must reconcile with Gerald after stating he has diabetes.

21. Hoppity Hop

The Jewish people of Ontario protest the closing down of the kosher restaurant.

22. Figure Frenzy

Kenny Jr. becomes involved in a toy craze.

23. A World of Pure Imagination

The guys must escape their imagination

24. Buttmares

Butters is having nightmares.

25. The Bathtub

Jimmy is convinced his rubber duck is trying to eat his butt.

26. Not So Alcohol Anonymous

Everyone discovers Gerald's drinking problem.

27. Gluten Free Liver Disease

Gerald stops drinking beer and moves on to gluten free wine.

28. Depression

Butters is dumped by his girlfriend

29. Ice Carbon Diablo

A giant ice demon is summoned

30. Bad Ideas

Randy calls upon the devil by building a pentagram

31. Gerald Sues A School

Gerald threatens to sue the school when the principal forces Butters to take his yarmulke off.

32. We're Gonna Need A Bigger Room!

Butters has too much stuff in his room.

33. Happy Birthday To You

It is Kyle's birthday.

34. The Stanley Cup

Butters wants to play ice hockey

35. Dintento

Kenney doesn't agree with the new Dintento Wee You.

36. Special Sauce

Kenney becomes the new cafeteria chef

37. Pesach

It's Pesach

38. Not Valentine's Day, But...

Gerald wants to take his wife out for dinner

39. World War 5000

The guys go to the future and are forced to join the army

40. World War 5001

The guys are still fighting for survival

41. This Is Time Machine

The guys go back in time

42. Prank War III

Randy pranks Kenney

43. Pie Contest

Kenney is judging a pie contest, but Gerald, Randy and Kyle take over after he burns his tongue

44. Collector's Items

Gerald shows Butters his figurine collection

45. Don't Mug Me, I'm Scared

Kenney has a heart attack and falls into a coma after Randy pretends to mug him

46. Quebec

Gerald takes Kenney, Randy and Kyle to Quebec with him

47. Hikes

Gerald's family go for a hike

48. The Hottest

It is 26 degrees in Ontario!

49. Global Warming

Geologists think that global warming is going to happen

50. The End

Global Warming panics lead to apocalypse panics.

51. Pull My Finger

Randy is embarrassed when he pulls Kenney's finger

52. Boy Band

Gerald, Randy and Kyle form a boy band.

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