Here is the Policy which you must follow when creating a story article. A good example of a well-written story article is



The introduction should contain:

  • The title of the book
  • The author of the book (username)
  • The release date


The synopsis or the blurb is a brief description of the story. It should be at least twenty words long but not over one hundred words.


This section is very straightforward. List all the characters in the book using bullet lists and link the pages if possible.


The plot should be separated by chapters and written out as Sub-Headings like this:

Chapter 1: (name) Chapter 2: (name) Chapter 3: (name) and so on.

Another way is this:

Chapter 1 - (name) Chapter 2 - (name) Chapter 3 - (name) and so on.


Finally comes a Trivia section, where you add interesting facts about the story.


Thank you for reading this!

Banned Elements

  • Please do not make a snuff story. Anything more than a throat slit (unless without gore or being violent) is not allowed.
  • Please do not use actual Wiki contributors as characters without permission. If this interferes with a story you're writing, contact a bureaucrat or change the name to something else.

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