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Here is the Policy which you must follow when creating a character article.



This is not a section, just a quote that the character says. To insert this:

  1. Insert the template called "Quote".
  2. Fill in the blank fields.


The introduction should contain:

  • Name of the character
  • Position in story (protagonist, deuteragonist, tritagonist, etc)
  • One short, brief sentence about him.


The biography should contain:

  • His/her appearance
  • His/her personality


This section should contain:

  • What happened during his/her lifetime in the book(s) that he/she appears in.


This section should list every item that he/she holds in the book(s) that he/she appears in.


This section should contain interesting facts about the character.


If a character in a story is a real life person, then the character is non-fictional.


Thank you for reading this!

*Sections with an asterisk (*) are not mandatory.

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