"Cha cha la. Banana. Leave. Please?"
—Oval to Emily

Oval is a character in the Minecraft Story Mode Roleplay. He is an unofficial character.





Oval is unusual but somewhat intelligent. Although he can be over the top angry and literally destroy things when this mad. 


Not much is known about Oval before the RP, but he was obviously skilled in potion making due to his efforts to save Ellie in Part 2.


Oval carries a variety of potions around with him, similar to how Ivor would.


  • Oval was going to be called Orval, but the creator of the character made a spelling mistake.
  • He is addicted to potatoes.
  • Eric made him reveal true power, power capable of destroying the world itself, but he collapsed overwhelmed with power before he could end the world.
  • He is one of two characters from Season 1 not to be in Season 2, the other being Hyde.

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