Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 is the second season of Minecraft Story Mode. Episode 1 will be released in October 2017.


  • Episode 9: New World Orders - Soren tricks the Order of the Stone into battling Jesse's Gang.
  • Episode 10: Adventure! - Soren discovers the Portal Atlas.
  • Episode 11: Die and Respawn - Jesse is shocked when he hears great news.
  • Episode 12: Monumental Destruction - Soren, Gabriel, and Magnus/Ellegaard try to show their dominance by defeating the Elder Guardian.
  • Episode 13: The Final Stand - Gabriel and Magnus/Ellegaard begin to side with Jesse.


  • Depending on who died in episode 3, Magnus/Ellegaard will be on Soren's side and Ellegaard/Magnus will be on Jesse's side (it is revealed they didn't die)
  • Jesse's armor and appearance will be different depending on your choices.
  • Depending on if you let Ivor return to the Portal Hallway or chase after him, Ivor will either be present or absent in episode 9.
  • If you did not go to Boom Town and took Magnus' armor, he will be on Soren's side. This is also the only way to have the entire Order be the main antagonists.

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