Minecraft: Satire Mode is a project by Gerald-XR-Donovan. It is a parody of Minecraft: Story Mode.


  • Episode 1: The Order of the Wall

Plot: Jesse must knock down Donald Trump's wall

  • Episode 2: Article 50 Required

Plot: Jesse is mad at Theresa May for signing Article 50.

  • Episode 3: The Last Place You Bomb

Plot: Jesse goes to Boom Town.

  • A Wall and a Hard Place

Plot: Donald Trump builds a new wall out of bedrock

  • Order Down!

Plot: Jesse is fired from being leader of The Order of the Stone

  • A Portal to Death

Plot: Jesse goes back to Boom Town

  • Access Denied

Plot: Jesse wants to visit Jerusalem but can't because of a war

  • A Journey's End?

Plot: Boom Town bombs Minecraftia, killing Jesse.


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