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  • Hello,

    You have been blocked from the Wiki for one day for arguing with other bureaucrats. We hope that after this block you will understand that this is not tolerated on the Wiki.

    Please do not appeal the block as you are being punished for a reason.


    Princess Kenny (T|B|C) 07:29, May 19, 2017 (UTC)

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    Alex.sapre closed this thread because:
    As per owner's wishes
    12:18, August 23, 2017
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    • Alex.sapre wrote: I am sorry that it has bothered you. However, I do not believe that my points were irrelevant for the following reasons:

      1. My powers were never restored simply because I am able to make a good defense for myself.

      2. I was unfairly blocked here and the plan was to leave it like that for 999 years and the demotion directly affected your opinion towards me.

      Speaking of my block, it was also ridiculous because of the block reasons: "Anti-Semitism" trying to label me like this is incredibly offensive. I have asked multiple other users who know nothing of this conflict and they all said not changing the official name of something just to suit Ellegaard and your interest is not "ripping on" the entire Jewish population.

      "Plagiarism" you yourself have admitted that making a wiki for stories and projects is not plagiarism.

      I am sorry to have had to bring this up with such long messages, but I was incredibly offended to be accused of things I did not do. I should also remind you that it isn't really in the past as, again, you were planning to keep me blocked for 999 years for bogus reasons.

      1. This Wikia has been dead for months now. Me and ludwig only contribute once in a while.

      2. I am sorry you are offended by this, but again, this Wikia has been dead for months.

      3. I've left the whole of Fandom. I only came here to respond but will do so no more.

      4. I seriously do not like being reminded of what I used to do. Just leave me and this thread alone.

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    • 1. I am sorry that it is dead since it was a great community at one point.

      2. Perhaps you do feel bad, but even if it was dead it does not mean that none of the events that deeply upset me happened. When it was "alive" no one would listen.

      3. Good luck with your future.

      4. Again, sorry to have brought up bad memories but really, I was the only victim in this event. I planned to just say this so I won't have it lingering on my mind when I move forward from ECC, so thank you for being here. I will respect your wishes and close this.

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  • Hello, Alex.

    I am Witherstorm.

    I know what you're thinking; our very tragic past, but I am back. I apologise for the things I have done to you that you have not liked. I don't remember any of them but I do remember that I have done things that I should not have done.

    I know you said that you will hate me forever, but Ellegaard on my twitter said that you guys want me back on. I am here now. 

    I hope you will forgive me, and I will try to not bully you again.



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    Gerald-XR-Donovan closed this thread because:
    Obvious setup for an argument
    20:45, May 9, 2017
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    • Alex.sapre wrote: First, you said you don't run the place but now you said you do run the wiki at times. Second, it doesn't matter which rules you follow or don't follow; it doesn't change the fact that you do run the wiki and that I disagree with the way you run it.

      I don't run the Wiki though.

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    • Gerald-XR-Donovan wrote:

      I only run the Wiki when Ludwig is away

      That counts as running the wiki...

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  • Hello. Thank you for your contributions to the Wiki but please do not remove the Uniception category from Uniception characters, as Uniception is the name of the series.



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  • Sorry for joining chat while banned. I clicked the chat link on accident while browsing the Wiki.

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  • Ludwig, if you're reading this: leave it here. My final request.

    Alex, you've been a really big friend on my time at wikia. But, I'm going. Permenantly. I remember when I temporarily deactivated my account, yeah, well, it's going for real now. Not just because I'm demoted, because I've done what I've always tried to stop people doing. I'm a bad user, I always have been. You have been my best wikia friend I've ever had. I've had to rewrite that sentance about 4 times because my hand shook too much to say it, and I'm suprised that I'm not shaking now.

    There's a thing I haven't told you yet, though, Alex.

    43ab + 21

    I remember when you told me to remind you that once, and I never did.

    Bye, old friend.

    Your old friend with a torch (talk) 18:23, April 21, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Can you come on chat?

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  • I'm back

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Ludwig's asked Witherstorm to come back to Wikia.

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  • Chat?

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  • Can you come on livechat?

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