Mai Kawasumi is one of the main protagonists in the Kanon anime series.


Mai has a light complexion, has deep green eyes, and is usually seen wearing her school uniform. She has long black/blue hair, with her fringe coming down to her eyes. She has the sides of her hair hanging down to her waist and has the back tied into a long ponytail with a long blue bow. She is usually seen carrying her European-style sword because she feels weak without it.


Mai is shy, mostly silent, and only talks to her best friend Sayuri. Mai is shown to be a constant eater although she never gains weight. Mai also is not very good at the game Shiritori.

She is very caring and protective of those she considers close to her.


  • Her name (舞 - Mai) means "Dance". In the Kanon franchise, she "dances" with her sword.
  • Mai is the tallest of the main female characters.


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