Magnus is a main character in the Minecraft Story Mode Roleplay. He is played by LudwigVonKoopa22. He is 25 as of part 4.


Really aggressive towards Ellegaard. He purposely tries his hardest to wind her up, even to the point where she tried to kill him. Likes tormenting Ellegaard and blowing things up with TNT.

Later in part 1, he gets revenge on Ellegaard by giving her a poisonous potion. He regrets it straight after and starts to care for Ellegaard alot more.



Magnus enjoys being around Ellegaard. He does everything to make sure that she's happy. They get married in part 20.


Gabriel does not like Magnus due to him constantly spoiling Ellegaard and getting her exactly what she wants.


Magnus has a completely bald head with a black bandana. He wears full green armor with four golden buttons near the chest and a belt around the waist.


  • Despite being a female name, and Magnus being a male, he is called Maggie by alot of his friends.
  • In part 11 after Ivor gives Ellegaard the ingredients for a "health potion" Ellegaard feeds it to Magnus, but he starts acting up. Ivor reveals that Magnus has bad taste buds and a weak stomach. However, this could have been a cover up.
  • In part 18 he is shown to be extraordinarily strong. He killed a pig in diamond armor using his bare hands. He also knocks Soren out and badly bruises his face after a single punch.
  • Magnus and Ellegaard are shown to have an anger problem throughout the roleplay.

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