Lost World is a story being written by SuperLaserGuy1 and Witherstorm. It will be released sometime around June-August, 2016. This series is separated by books and chapters.


Lost World is about a boy named Jose who's trying to stop the evil acts of The Kamoni Empire, and their leader, Daisen.

As Jose travels along different worlds, Jose befriends loads of people along the way. What will he see? How will get the strength to fight Daisen? What was Daisen's origin? Find out on this series!

Books and Chapters

BOOK 1: Will's Search


Prologue Part 1: The Hunt                                                                              

Prologue Part 2: Ghosts of Dinner                                    

Prologue Part 3: A Shady Deal

Chapter 1: No Mercy

BOOK 2: The Diamond Lion

Chapter 2: Lion's Jungle

Chapter 3: Island of Doom

Chapter 4: The Rebelious Horse

Chapter 5: The Diamond Lion

BOOK 3: The Map

Chapter 6: What Map?

Chapter 7: Welcome to Industry

BOOK 4: Go West, Jose!!!

Chapter 8: Welcome to the Wild West

Chapter 9: Fried Up

Chapter 10: Betrayal

Chapter 11: The Amazing Diego

BOOK 5: The TRUE Diego

Chapter 12: Fencing Foil Dance

Chapter 13: 10 Circles

Chapter 14: A True's Love

Chapter 15: Diego is Back Baby!

BOOK 6: Unfinished Business

Chapter 16: Gal with a Shiny Rifle

Chapter 17: The Ultimate Test

Chapter 18: The Way of the Sword

Chapter 19: A Thief's Legacy

BOOK 7: Haunted Proposal

Chapter 20: Captain Wakers

Chapter 21: 5 Cards

Chapter 22: We meet Again

Chapter 23: Heaven's Battle

BOOK 8: Jose's Origin

Chapter 24: Parent's Honor

Chapter 25: Where did THEY go?

Chapter 26: Welcome to Gold

SEASON FINALE: BOOK 9: The Ultimate Battle:

Chapter 27: On Board Victory

Chapter 28: The Final Encounter


  • Jose
  • Samantha
  • Marley
  • Daisen
  • Fan Flads
  • Diego
  • Captain Wakers