Issue 1 is the first issue of All The Dead Lie Down published on May 10, 2017.


Gerald woke up to watch the morning news. He saw news of strange individuals biting others. The victims would get sick and start biting others.

"What has this world come to?" he said.

He called Randy.

"You seen the news? Crazy, crazy people indeed," Gerald murmered to Randy.

Gerald repeated this phone call to multiple of his friends, when he got a phone call from his brother, Stanley.

"Rafa's dead," Stanley said under tears.

Gerald got some things ans went to the family house. His father, mother, Stanley, sister Ellie, kids, wife, grandpa Jesse, grandma Pearl and Uncle Stuart were there. He saw his close friends, Randy, Kyle, Kenney, and Von Miller.

"He got bit so bad he died," said Stanley.

Gerald's eyes widened when he realized just what had happened. These biters had gotten their great-grandfather. He wanted to tell Stanley, but came to the conclusion that he wouldn't come close to believing him; Stanley didn't watch thw news.


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