Issue 19 is the nineteenth issue of All The Dead Lie Down.


Clarke was devoured right on the spot.

“CLARKE!” yelled David.

“We’re all losing people,” stated Gerald.

“We gotta go inside!” There are too many!” exclaimed Tripp.

Everyone ran inside.

“That was crazy!” exclaimed Kyle.

“What happened?” asked Sharon.

“Allen, Tom, Clarke. All dead,” explained Konrad.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Travis.

“What are we gonna do?” asked David.

“We gotta finish the muertos off!” exclaimed Gerald.

Gerald loaded a submachine gun.

“How big is the herd?” asked Travis.

“Not that big,” Gerald replied.

Gerald walked out the door.

“Gerald! Wait!” exclaimed Kyle.

Gerald opened fire on the muertos, killing dozens of them.

“There are too many!” exclaimed Kyle.

Gerald ignored him and continued to shoot the muertos.

“GERALD!” Kyle yelled.

“No one else is gonna die. Not on my watch,” replied Gerald.

Gerald continued to shoot until all muertos were dead.

“No one else,” Gerald repeated.

He walked back inside.


  • Clarke
  • Numerous counts of muertos

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