Issue 14 is the fourteenth issue of All The Dead Lie Down.


They went over to the second part of the ranch. They looked through a window and saw a herd.

“Crap!” exclaimed Tripp.

“We need to stop them from invading the ranch!” exclaimed Flint.

“Grab your weapons! We need to defend this place!” exclaimed Tripp.

A group of four more men grabbed shotguns. Everyone from Gerald’s group also grabbed shotguns.

“Gerald! I’m out!” yelled Magnus.

“Dad! Stay put! I’ll get more shells!” exclaimed Gerald.

The muertos surrounded Magnus, Ruby, and Stanley.

“Save Stan!” yelled Magnus.

“What?” exclaimed Gerald.

“Save your brother!” yelled Ruby.

Tears brushed Gerald’s cheeks as he shot muertos surrounding his brother, allowing him to escape. By the time he had finished shooting the muertos surrounding his parents, it was too late.

Tears streamed down Gerald’s face. Kenney came out with a woman and two boys.

“Oh no!” he exclaimed.

He rushed over to Gerald, only to be pushed away by him.


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