A gold star is a reward on the Ellie's Chat Club Wikia.

Ways You Can Obtain Gold Stars

  • Improving an article is worth 15 Gold Stars
  • Helping another user is worth 35 gold stars
  • A user starts off with 25 gold stars.
  • Making stories is worth 50 gold stars.
  • Adding categories to pages is worth 15 gold stars
  • Adding photos to pages is worth 15 gold stars.
  • Making blogs is worth 5 gold stars.
  • Rollbacks are awarded 100 gold stars.
  • Chat moderators are awarded 250 gold stars.
  • Content moderators are awarded 500 gold stars.
  • Discussions moderators are awarded 500 gold stars.
  • Administrators are awarded 1,000 gold stars.
  • Bureaucrats are awarded 2,500 gold stars.

Ways You Can Lose Gold Stars (Warnings)

  • Making a bad edit (-1 gold star)
  • Vandalism (-5 gold stars)
  • Annoying users intentionally (-10 gold stars)
  • Fighting (-15 gold stars)
  • Being rude to users (-15 gold stars)

The current record is held by Gerald-XR-Donovan, who has 36,250 gold stars as of April 9, 2017. Work hard to try and beat it!

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