Gabriel the Warrior is one of the five main protagonists in The Order of the Stone. He is 32, and he lives in EnderCon City, capital of Overworld, together with his little brother, Jake. He is the greatest warrior of all time, having slain the demon Oxion himself.


Gabriel appears to have a dark skin tone, and wears dark blue colored armor studded with diamonds.


When Gabriel was 8 years old, he attended primary school, he had a LARPing club with 3 other kids, Ellegaard, Magnus, and Ivor. When a new kid called Soren moved to his school, everyone made fun of him, but Gabriel found out that Soren also loved LARPing, so he invited him to their club, and the 5 of them have been best friends ever since.



Gabriel is a very strong and brave man. He wants to help people, and feels guilty when he can't save everyone. He was revealed to be a fraud like the rest of the Order, but feels guilty about his lies and wants to make things right.

Powers & Abilities

  • He is the greatest warrior ever.