Day 1 is the first day of Undertale, Please.


  • Entrant must have a passport.
  • No Monsters allowed.


  • The first entrant is a human that has valid papers.
  • The second entrant is a Woshua and should be denied.
  • The fifth entrant is a Froggit and should be denied.


First Entrant

  • Entrant: The checkpoint is open! I can finally return home.
  • Inspector: Papers, please.
  • Entrant: Here you go.

If approved:

  • Entrant: Thank you.

If denied:

  • Entrant: Why?
  • [Citation]


  • Woshua: This checkpoint is dirtier than I expected.
  • Inspector: Papers, please.
  • Woshua: Here they are.

If denied:

  • Woshua: I should have expected no less from such a dirty checkpoint.

If approved:

  • Woshua: Well, at least there's someone good at this dirty checkpoint.
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  • Froggit: Croak croak. I have been waiting for 7 hours. I hope I can finally see the surface.
  • Inspector: Papers, please.
  • Froggit: Croak croak. Here ya go.

If denied:

  • Froggit didn't understand why you denied him but was still losing hope.

If approved:

  • Froggit is very thankful, he has gained hope.
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