Fallen Under is the second chapter of Thibo's UnderSwap.


Chara wakes up in a bed of flowers, she remembers falling down Mt. Ebott, her friends must be worried! She looks for an exit, and meets a cute little cat, the cat calls herself "Temmie", Chara's new friend tries to explain her the concept of "LOVE".


Chara wakes up on a bed of buttercups, she gets up.

Chara: Wha-What happened? Ah, my back really hurts...

Chara picks up a branch.

Chara: This'll do for protection. Never know what might be lurking in these caves... Now where's the way out?

Chara wanders forth into the caverns, she walks in a dark room, at the center is a sleeping cat-like creature.

Chara: Awww! What's a cute little cat like you doing here all alone?

The cat-like creature wakes up.

Temmie: Wha? Oh, hoi! I'm Temmie!

Chara: Woah! You can talk?

Temmie: You're new to the underground aren'tcha? You must be so confused! The Underground, is the land of the monsters, but don't worry, everyone is nice around here!

Chara: So that's why you talk? You're a monster?

Temmie: Yaya! You get it! Anyways, someone ought to teach you how things work around here! I guess I'll explain it.

Chara: Okay...?

Temmie: Ready? Here we go!

Chara and Temmie enter battle mode.

Chara: Woah! Why're we black and white?

Temmie: This, is called battle mode, you enter it when engaging battle with someone, but we don't use it for battleing! See that heart above you? That is your SOUL, the very culmination of your being! Your SOUL starts of weak, but it can grow strong if you gain a lot of LV.

Chara: LV? What the heck is that?

Temmie: Why, LOVE of course! You want some LOVE right? Don't worry, I'll share some with you! Down here, LOVE is shared through... little colorful, "Temmie Flakes". Ready? Move around, get as many as you can!

Temmie shoots 5 Temmie Flakes in Chara's direction, Chara tries to grab a Temmie Flake, but gets blown back.

Temmie: u IDIOT! in dis wurld is KIL or be KILD!!!! y wood any1 pas uP a opotunity liek DiS!? DIE!

Chara: No! Please! Temmie don't do this! SOMEONE HELP!!!

The Temmie Flakes are closing in on Chara. Suddenly, she heals back to full HP.

Temmie: Wat?????

Temmie gets shot away by a fireball.

Chara: What just happened?

To Be Added...


  • Chara
  • Temmie
  • Asgore

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