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Gabriel "Butters" Donovan is a main character in Uniception. He is the adoptive son of Gerald Donovan.


He has blond hair and pale skin. He wears a red coat similar to his dad's.


He has a warm and upbeat personality.


Gerald Donovan

Gerald is his adoptive father. Gerald treats Butters as his real son and apparently defended him from his real alcoholic and abusive mom.

Sharon Donovan

Sharon is his adoptive mother. Sharon treats Butters as her real son and appearently defended him from his real alcoholic and abusive mom.

Mrs. DiCaprio

Mrs. DiCaprio is Butters' alcoholic and abusive mother. She often hit Butters with a belt. She was eventually arrested after Gerald called the police.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is Butters' real dad. They presumably have a good relationship as he left Butters millions of dollars when he died.

Jimmy MacGyverin

Jimmy and Butters are friends.

Kenny MacGyverin Jr

Kenny Jr is Butters' best friend.


  • According to the creator of Uniception, Gerald named Butters after his favorite food, Butterscotch Pie.

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