• Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Some random preview for Ludwig and the Series Finale told from Gerald's perspective.

    Well, the final battle with my bad friend Cedryth has brought us everywhere. Back to the Citadel, back to Champion City, and even my very own palace buried in the depths of the Citadel's bedrock layer, even beyond my "Dark Star X". It's obvious lives will be lost... but if Ludwig dies... it'd be a shame... because he'd never get to see what I have in store for his army motel thingy OH YEAHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA. OH YEEEEEAAAAAAH (insane / demonic laugh)

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Gerald: Sup?

    Jimbob: Trying to write an essay. On the Minecraftia Series.

    Gerald: The Minecraftia Series?

    Jimbob: You think you can help me?

    Gerald and Von: WITH A SONG!

    • cuts to backyard of Army Motel*




    Gerald: Well it started out with the group of Thibo, Storm, and Luddy.

    Von: Travelling through the land all the three buddies.

    Gerald: Thibo short-tempered and Witherstorm liked to eat.

    Von: Luddy and the others; more people they meet.

    Gerald: And for them as a whole, they didn't work quite slow.

    Von: Met Alex and Laser and now they all are best bros.

    Gerald: Meeting more peeps and moving place to place.

    Von: But when Ravenclaw comes they need to pick up pace.

    Ludwig: WE N…

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    I'm going to be starting a discussion. We're discussing MCSM once again. This time I'm going to start off with some recent events.

    A certain user who I will keep anonymous has been prohibiting me from expressing my opinion on MCSM in a Discord server MEANT for discussing TTG games. Why is this fair? Simple. It isn't. You're allowed to praise MCSM, therefore I should be allowed to express my opinion.

    [The majority of] Minecraft: Story Mode fans CANNOT handle opinions. They get cheesed out of their mind whenever someone says something bad aboyut MCSM.

    Personally, I love South Park. I'm cool whenever someone says they don't like it. I dislike Family Guy, but I'm cool whenever someone says they like it.

    Yet the MCSM fanbase seems to get pissed at …

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan


    July 29, 2017 by Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Officially 13 years old.

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Telltale have officially dug themselves a hole they can't get out of.

    The good news is The Wolf Among Us Season 2 has finally been confirmed after 3 years.

    The bad news is that TWD Season 4 and TWAU Season 2 will be the last Telltale games I ever purchase.

    You fucking twats. The Walking Dead was the only reason I still gave Telltale my business. With TWD Season 4 being the last one I can finally say that 2018 will mark the final Telltale purchase I make.

    If TWAU gets a Season 3 (one day in 2021) then I may return just to purchase that. But now I think it's safe to say that I will no longer be giving Telltale my business.

    Fucking pricks.

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    You're probably wondering what this blog is about. And it's because Telltale fucking Games are a bunch of fucking pricks.

    I mean, what a greedy company to do this shit to people. You take 10 months to release a sequel to a shit game that has no purpose other than little kids spending all their allowance on their shit products. Then it takes them 3 years to release a GOOD game and a master piece of a game hasn't had a Season 2 announced after nearly FOUR FUCKING YEARS.

    MCSM getting a Season 2 before Games of Thrones, Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlines has flushed most of my support for Telltale down the fucking toilet.

    Not only that, but MCSM was half dogshit and half trash. Sure it was longer and had more free roam areas, BUT THE ON…

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    This is something we have never done before. We will release Chapter 1 of the new Minecraftia Series in this blog as a little taste of what it will be like!

    It had been 5 months since we escaped the Nether.

    "That was crazy what you did back there, Ger Ger," I said to Gerald.

    "You're a real charmer. You know that?" asked Gerald.

    "That's some nice armor," I replied.

    Gerald look shocked by my reply.

    "Oh... um, uh... thanks... uh... It definitely... um... works," replied Gerald.

    Witherstorm walked over.

    "There's, like, 50 posters outside," he said.

    We all walked outside to see advertisement fliers everywhere. "MINECRAFTIA BUILDING CONTEST" was printed on all of them.

    "I've been planning a good build for a while now," Gerald told everyone.



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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Hello everyone,

    I am announcing that Ludwig and the Minecraftia Building Contest will be the first book to feature buildings and locations built by our fans!

    Submit your builds by making a blog about them (include images and a description. The build must be or contain:

    • Cannot be built out of wood or cobblestone (This is mandatory for a winning build)
    • Can contain at least one redstone device (Once again this is mandatory for a winning build)
    • If it's a house, it must contain a bed, crafting table, furnace, and chests
    • Must be unique for a winning build
    • Cannot be more than 1,000 square blocks (100 x 100)

    Happy building!

    EllegaardRedstone22 (Acquaint with me here) 10:52, July 1, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan
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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan
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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Hello everyone. Due to my ban on MCSM Wiki I am posting my review of the game here as it is the next best thing.

    I didn't realize this at first, but this game is what we call a freemium game. Their focus go like this in order from smallest to biggest: A good game, making money.

    Episode 1 being awful can be chalked up to it introducing the new characters and everything, so I won't go too harsh on it.

    Why does everybody hate episode 2? It has eveything a Telltale episode should have: Not a long wait, choices that actually matter, and a good plot and an overall fun episode. In my opinion, it was the best and possibly only good episode of the game.

    Episode 3. Oh my god, I hated this episode. It was just really boring, everything that happened was …

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Hello everyone. Gerald-XR-Donovan here, deputy owner and co-writer of the Minecraftia series, the latter we'll discuss in this blog. I will be addressing some things about the series that Ludwig has asked me to post.

    The biggest problem I think is that the characters are getting less development (besides Gerald in LATRATG, we learned tons about him) but characters such as Stan's Group, Axel, Magnus, Ellie, Hellcraftia, heck even Witherstorm at this point. Most of these characters are barely in them. The truth is we want to shorten the cast for each book because we have too many characters to work with, one of the main reasons why books such as Ludwig and the Final Battle, Ludwig and the World of Hellcraftia and Ludwig and the Redstoner and …

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Hello everybody. Throughout the next four weeks I may not edit much. A family friend recently died of cancer and their funeral is soon, so on that day I might not even edit at all. Also straight after I'm going on a two week vacation to Tenerife in Spain.

    On the bright side, Emily Wants To Play + Oculus Rift VR headset = Bday present ;)

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Hello everyone.

    It is my pleasure to announce Gerald-XR-Donovan as our Deputy Owner. He will own the Wiki if I ever choose to become active and in the meantime he helps me make the decisions.

    I have not made this decision based on edit count or how long he has been here. He helped me make this Wiki 15 months ago, and he has been very loyal ever since. Despite him not creating an account until much later on, he still helped make it. I'm sure he'll do a great job on helping me run this place.

    Until next time,

    EllegaardRedstone22 (Acquaint with me here) 17:52, April 26, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Alex.sapre

    Hello all! It's Alex.sapre, a head admin here with his first blog post. In this I believe that we should have an ongoing project that should remove all drama from the wiki. The previous arguments between the users is an embarrassment, and the wiki would look better in general without it.

    If you are a content moderator/thread moderator and higher, you can help by removing all threads, comments, or pages that reference the previous arguments. If you are not, you can report any bad content to the admins here.

    While I am not proud of what I did in the previous drama, I genuinely think we can all put the past behind us and erase it in order to be able to have a better future of the wiki.

    Thank you in advance for your time and for your help.

    The mos…

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    I feel so alive right now. This literally just happened to me.

    About 90 minutes ago, I was playing with my sister and her two friends (We'll just call them Sarah, Ella, and Liv for privacy reasons) in the park, when we saw some teens smoking e-cigarettes in front of 9 year olds. In the UK you have to be 18 to smoke but we didn't report them. After a while, we got into an argument, and I threatened to report them for underage smoking. The oldest kid then stopped bullying her and her friends and walked towards me and said he was gonna beat the **** out of me. Luckily, a minute earlier I called my dad to pick us up. He came the moment my sister and her friends started crying and the kid was about to smash my face in and literally started yelli…

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Simple. decide with 8 are wrong.

    1. My full name is Gerald Stuart Randy Donovan

    2. I'm 14 years old

    3. I hate bacon.

    4. I own an Xbox 360

    5. My PS4 is broke so I only use it to charge my phone

    6. I need glasses

    7. My favorite South Park character is Randy Marsh

    8. My favorite music artist is Demi Lovato

    9. I have really long hair

    10. I'm allergic to nuts

    11. I don't celebrate Christmas and Easter.

    12. I eat cereal without milk

    13. I like my toast burnt

    14. My favorite fast food restaurant is KFC

    15. I'm Anti-Social

    16. I'm a satirist

    17. I'm a nihilist

    18. I don't like Regular Show

    19. I want my first son to be called Butters

    20. My IQ is 162

    21. I like roleplaying

    22. I don't like MCSM

    23. South Park Stick of Truth is my favorite game

    24. I hold the world record…

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan


    April 11, 2017 by Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Hello. This is a little game I created. Most of if not all of these choices would be easy if there were infinite choices, but I've narrowed it down to two options.

    I'll add more later.

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Happy Pesach!

    April 10, 2017 by Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Hello Wiki!

    For me, in just under 4 hours Pesach will start. I want to wish you all a happy Pesach and if there is the 99.99% chance you don't celebrate it I will post an Easter version on Easter sunday.

    Happy Pesach!

    Gerald-XR-Donovan (talk) 18:46, April 10, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Here are some projects I'm planning for 5778/5779.

    • Uniception 2: The Startling
    • The Great Ontario Flood
    • College
    • Minecraft: Satire Mode
    • The Chanukah Dream
    • Minecraft Story Mode Roleplay Rebooted

    If you want to be featured, please let me know. It cannot be your username. Choose any random real name (cannot be yours unless you want it to be).

    If you wanna be in MCSMRR then say which characters you want to be.

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  • Sixkngdm


    August 17, 2016 by Sixkngdm

    Hello! I'm Sixkngdm. I am the wiki adopter of Mismagius Star Wiki and a user at ESB, I am new to this wiki and I hope this is a very nice place to edit and make new things happen. :)


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  • Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard


    August 16, 2016 by Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    The Rules page is currently being changed. I will need new rules suggestions.

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  • Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    New Owner!

    August 15, 2016 by Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    Yep. A big day for this Wiki.

    "Out with the old and in with the new"

    -Uhh, who said this again?

    So, EllegaardRedstone22 (aka Ludwig) left the Wiki. He also crowned me the new owner. Because of this, I would like to welcome Petra Rosaline to the Wiki as our new head admin! Along her will be the old familiar Juderonald and other admins include Alex.sapre and Thibo1102.

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  • Otaku16327

    Hi im mb13566

    August 15, 2016 by Otaku16327

     Hi i am Mb13566, and i'm new here, Some of you may know me from esb. Well I am new as you knowt and i would like to know a bit more about the wiki. since I just kind of joined. And I love to be on wikias when I don't have anything to do. I read the rules and I am about to read the polices. So, let me get right on doing that.=) also sorry this is so short. i will edit it more when i think of more things to write on this blog post. And this part will be deleted after when i add on to it. So let me know more about this wiki. :) I'll be happy to learn about it. 

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Hello, everyone. EllegaardRedstone22 here. I've been thinking a lot lately about this Wiki and improvements. I have listed some ideas. Feel free to vote!

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Dare me 2 do shit

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  • Witherstorm

    Hello everyone! Witherstorm here, with another blog for the ECC! I would like to know the following:

    • How many of you want Genaro and the Redstone Dimension to continue,
    • How many of you want a Genaro series of books,
    • How many words in GATRD,
    • How many words in the Genaro Series (if that's going to happen)

    Post your opinion in the comments box for all of them. Thank you!

    WitherstormMy Page 20:19, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Thibo1102

    Hello everyone, Thibo here, I just want to announce that I'll be creating Update 1.0.1 (a.k.a. the "Jungle Update") for Survive and Thrive, and this is a list of features that I've planned: - New Jungle Biome - New type of tree that can be found in the Jungle (not sure which) - New Jaguar enemy

    Of course, I'm always open for suggestions, for example; what should the new tree be? What other mobs could spawn in the Jungle? What new items could be found or crafted in the Jungle?

    --Good Day Sir :3 (talk) 20:16, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    I know the other one failed :P

    However, I am giving it one last shot. 

    I will submit my own build that you guys can judge :P

    Plus all of your builds, too!

    I will post mine very shortly, as it is almost finished. I just need to add interior and redstone creations :P

    It's a statue :P

    Go to the first one for rules.

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  • Witherstorm

    This is Witherstorm here, with his entry for the Ellie's Chat Club Minecraft Building Contest hosted by the Wiki's founder, LudwigVonKoopa22.

    My build is titled the Liinch Uperane Redstone Laboratory.

    I named it that particular name because it will soon (after the competition ends) become a Redstone Laboratory. Liinch Uperane is my actual name (it is not Witherstorm, if you still haven't guessed that by now), and that's why I called it the Liinch Uperane Redstone Laboratory.

    The Liinch Uperane Redstone Laboratory consists of a set of stairs that leads to a redstone password locked door, which must be entered correctly in order to enter the building. Inside, there is a dark section with some covered Redstone technology to the right (don't care…

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    We are officially starting the Minecraft Building Contest! This is for people who have Minecraft (any version, as long as you can screenshot your builds).

    You will get bonus points for:

    Redstone complexity




    You MUST include:

    At least one redstone invention. It does not have to be complex. It can just be an Auto-Door or something, although you won't get many extra points.

    At least 5 images in your submission: Interior, Exterior, redstone, etc.

    Your submission must be a blog post, otherwise, it will not be counted.

    A name for your build.

    The winner will recieve a shoutout, be a featured user, and be given admin rights if not given yet.

    Get to building! Competition ends on Easter and winners will be announced on April 1st!


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  • Noisyboy2016


    March 10, 2016 by Noisyboy2016

    Guys We Have some News  Photoshop challenge

    Thing to know about this contest

    1 you can create everything you want

    Thats it

    Thank you for reading

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  • Thibo1102

    Wanna become a protagonist in my new book series "Spooky Tales"? Comment down here and I'll be sure to add you!

    • Thibo1102
    • LudwigVonKoopa22
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  • Witherstorm

    Poll Test

    January 26, 2016 by Witherstorm
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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    You may have already heard about the build, so I decided to make a progress log so you can get a hint at how long it's gonna take.

    Whoa, I am a speedy builder. As you may know, this is the hole that Jesse enters to get into the belly of the beast, so I've got this part finished (those blocks are Netherrack, and the layer at the front is Lapis Lazuli Block and Glass.

    As promised, here is update 1 of 3 for today. As you can see, I've started making the outside and the inside has been extended. Progress is being made!

    Here's update 2 of 3 for today. Pretty self explanatory, I've just extended the insides and started a border around the hole.

    Update 3 of 3 for today. However I definitely won't stop BUILDING it today. As you can see, the hole you e…

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  • EllegaardRedstone22


    January 21, 2016 by EllegaardRedstone22

    Does this show your username? I'm experimenting with a certain code.  

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    So, I'm letting people be a character in Ludwig's Adventure. If you want to be in it, ask here.

    • Me (duh)
    • Thibo1102
    • Witherstorm
    • SuperLaserGuy1
    • Alex.sapre
    • Juderonald

    • User:G0ld3nPumpk1n
    • User:Noisyboy2016
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  • SuperLaserGuy1

    Lost World

    January 17, 2016 by SuperLaserGuy1

    Since we can post our own stories here, I decided to make my own. It's called, "Lost World."

    Lost World is about a boy named Jose who's trying to stop the evil acts of The Kamoni Empire, and their leader, Daisen.

    As Jose travels across different worlds, Jose befriends loads of people along the way

    This series is seperated by books and chapters. It will be released around February-March, 2016.

    BOOK 1: Will's Search


    Prologue Part 1: The Hunt                                                                              

    Prologue Part 2: Ghosts of Dinner                                    

    Prologue Part 3: A Shady Deal

    Chapter 1: No Mercy

    BOOK 2: The Diamond Lion

    Chapter 2: Lion's Jungle

    Chapter 3: Island of Doom

    Chapter 4: The Rebel…

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  • SuperLaserGuy1


    January 13, 2016 by SuperLaserGuy1

    Welcome to Ellie's Chat Club!!! It's our first time doing something like this.

    If you want to see the rules, go to the Rules and Regulations page.

    We are happy to have more people contributing. If you want to suggest anything, don't be afraid to do so.

    We would love to have more Authors working together, and make this wiki or chat a great story.

    Go see the crew, and stop by anytime.

    We will see you when you register, and greet you properly.

    We will try our best to keep this club up and running.

    I will be inactive for 4 days, and then be active for 3 days, and then inactive and, etc.

    I will only be active during the weekends, unless it's a break for me, in which case, I'll let you know.

    So enroll today! :D

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  • Witherstorm

    For those who do not know what the ongoing project Minecraft: Story Mode: Rebooted is, it is a fanfiction version of the popular game Minecraft: Story Mode developed by Telltale Games and Mojang. Here is a bit of information about it.

    • Thibo1102
    • LudwigVonKoopa22
    • Witherstorm

    • Jesse
    • Reuben
    • Axel
    • Olivia
    • Petra
    • Lukas
    • Aiden
    • Maya
    • Gill
    • Gabriel the Warrior
    • Soren the Architect
    • Magnus the Rogue
    • Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer
    • Ivor
    • Wither Storm
    • Nohr
    • Otis
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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    So, anyone is allowed to create a project/fiction solo, so I am. It's called "Ludwig's Adventure". If you wanna be featured feel free to ask.


    Chapter 1 - Introduction

    Chapter 2 - Inhaled

    Chapter 3 - The First Adventure

    Chapter 4 - The Meeting Point

    Chapter 5 - The Second Adventure

    Chapter 6 - The Secret

    Chapter 7 - The End?

    Chapter 8 - Search Deep Within

    Chapter 9 - The Third Adventure

    Chapter 10 - Destroy It

    Chapter 11 - More Secrets?

    Chapter 12 - The Fourth Adventure?

    Chapter 13 - The End

    Chapter 14 - Epilogue

    Chapters will be altered if needed.

    I hope you enjoy the blog series. I want it to be awesome with a lot of action.

    • Ludwig

    Release: January - February 2016

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