This is the second issue of Among the Dead.


Nicholas is standing in front of Barry's house. "What the fuck, Barry? You almost killed me!" says Nicholas. "Yeah, woah... Sorry about that." says Barry. "Why the hell are you swinging bats at people's faces anyway?" asks Nicholas. "Wait, haven't you seen what's going on? There's some sick fucks out here who started biting people, eating people." says Barry. "Uh, yeah... That's kinda why I came here." says Nicholas. "Oh god, what happened, dude?" asks Barry, "Y'know what? Wait, let's get inside. Not safe out here..." says Barry. The two of them walk inside, and take a seat on the couch. "So, why are you here exactly?" asks Barry. "A man walked into the store earlier today, when he came out the bathroom, he was one of those... things. He bit another guy, he passed out. I bashed that man's head in with a soda dispenser, I was worried I'd be going to jail, I wasn't thinking clearly, it was self defense, but I still killed him." says Nicholas. "Well, good news is, even if you would go to jail, there's no one to get you there." says Barry. "What do you mean?" asks Nicholas. "When those things first attacked me, I tried calling the cops, but I couldn't reach anyone." says Barry. "So, there's no signal anywhere?" asks Nicholas. "Nope, not here at least..." says Barry. "So, we're fucked?" asks Nicholas. "Pretty much." says Barry. "So, what now?" asks Nicholas. "What do you mean?" asks Barry. "Do we just wait here? Or do we go out, look for guns, people, whatever?" asks Nicholas. "You've got a point, we can't just wait in here until we starve. We should go out, meet up with others." says Barry, "We should stay close though, what if there's some kind of rescue team?" asks Barry. "And what if there's not?" asks Nicholas. "Then we're fucked." Barry says.


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