A New Day is the first episode of The Walking Dead: Rebooted.


  • Everything up until the choice to go at night or at day stays the same.
    • If you go at day, you will meet Chet and Shawn, just like the original game.
    • If you go at night, Andre will be the undead friend instead of Chet.
  • The events up until Shawn's death are the same, with the addition of Chet.
  • Chet will go with Lee's group after Shawn's death.
  • The events up until Larry's heart attack stay the same.
  • Chet will be looking around the drug store, if Lee talks to him he'll say he wants to find his aunt and uncle, Allen and Donna, and his nephews, Ben and Billy.
  • Chet goes out with Lee and Carley to save Glenn.
  • The rest of the episode stays the same.



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